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The Houston health museum has a lot of interactive exhibits. In the picture above, Kim is pointing at her small intestine in a "Body Scanner" that projects 3D models of organs on to the user's body.
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Barenaked Ladies - Snacktime - The Ninjas

This is the most helpful XKCD ever. Use it everybody

New GTI!!!

It drives very smooth and feels like a sturdy machine that is connected to the road. Definitely a huge improvement coming from a mk3. The stats are:
2007 Candy White GTI mk5 with DSG (automatic-manual transmission)
28k miles
18" Huff wheels
Votex skirting kit
It was originally a leased vehicle so I got it as a certified used car with a warranty. Here are a few photos to document its newness.

First Day:

Now the photos in the sunset:

Snuggie Dog Blue Moon Studios

My apartment, The Mandolin in Houston, is letting their weight room fall apart to crap. I blame it on the kids that like to hang around the weight room like its their playground... climbing on the machines... forcing the treadmill to move while its off... watching BET on max volume (or NFL network)... throwing water bottles.

Here is a list of the crap that is broken or just messed up.

   1. One of the newer treadmills - motor doesn't spin and it displays "ERROR"
   2. An older treadmill is missing a magnetic safety clip and can't start... if it does start its probably broken.
   3. All three of the treadmills are missing their safety clips.
   4. The weight machine that works out your legs - very loose and doesn't stay straight.
   5. Missing pin for the weight machines - there are only 2 of 3.
   6. The stationary bike will skip  and clunk when you are pedaling.
   7. Eliptical makes loud squeaky noise.

    8. No ladies.
( i am sure this lady is happy using this machine that works.. i would be too)

Cobra Fence

Just got finished with power washing my parents fence. I tried not to kill all the plants :P
I am going to stain the fence if the weather is good for the next couple of days. There is a lot of gunk on a fence that is 25 years old.
I also worked on my Cobra Radar detector. I used to use it in the past but i put it away since the volume knob was broken and the silver paint on it was flaking off. I spray painted the body and re soldered the volume knob and speaker. So far everything seems perfect. I also made a new 12v wire for it, the old one was starting to fall apart too. Yay

Oh yeah. I am stuck in my house since they are tearing up the street again.



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