School has been crazy this year. So far so good in my classes though. I have also been doing the whole resume dropping careerfair thing. Hopefully one of the companies that I interviewed with will make me an offer. Seems like I always leave an interview with a good feeling. Strangely though, the only interview that I left with a bad feeling was the one I got an offer for last semester. I suppose it all depends on the mood of the interviewer.

Oh, I need to show everyone this. Do not watch if you don't like cartoon boobs.

I got my new laptop in! Its the Acer Apire One A150, 120 gig hd and 1 gig o- ram.

It has windows XP home on it which I am using now. I installed ubuntu but it was very slow and would freeze on some of the hiberate cycles. I am thinking of upgrading to Vista, but I am not sure if it is worth the effort :P. So far I have found it to be an excellent laptop. The only complaint i have is that after using it for a while, my eyes start to strain to read the text on the screen.

I hope i don't need glasses :P



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