I saw wanted. It was a decent action movie but not very memorable or thought provoking. Angelina Jolie isnt hot and hasn't been hot since "Hackers" in the mid 90's. Pic on left.. and her lips are weird. Oh, and she shoots a bullet in a circle. makes no sense.

Jolie Circa 1995

I noticed that I have been getting less constructive as the summer goes on. I suppose I need a vacation :P

I am excited about Tron2 and Terminator4. I am skeptical about Xmen origins.

Oh and this girl is great: You must watch this.. true anime fan.

Zoo day!

I went to the Houston Zoo this weekend. It was fun and I got to take a lot of pics using Kim's camera :P. I have my own new camera coming soon.

Here is a small slideshow of pics I took while @ the Houston zoo this weekend.

Picasa good or should i use flickr?

Originally uploaded by Lroy12
So This weekend I decided that I needed to wax and claybar my car (Volkswagen Golf mk3). l knew that my car was feeling a little gritty even after washing, so I decided to claybar it and take off all the dirt. The claybar is a sticky blob of putty that you can rub on your car with some spray polish lubricant. It made my car smooth and glassy but not gassy. It also takes off a lot of wax.

Claybarring the car probably takes all of an hour to an hour and a half. Waxing (in this case two coats) takes about 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs. I would recommend using an iPod Shuffle or other mp3 player for listening to some music or else you might go crazy.
I bought Mother's California Gold Claybar Kit.
It comes with the claybar, some sample wax and the spray on polish used as claybar lubricant. I used Dupont Teflon car wax. This stuff makes my very smooth. I decided to do two coats of wax to get a really deep shine. I am not sure that two coats made a big difference, but after claybarring and waxing my paint is alive again :D

The Teflon wax seemed to be a little less abrasive than the cleaner wax that came with the bottle. Next time I will use a non abrasive glaze wax like Meguiar's Pure polish.


It's finally the weekend. F'n Make believe!

Goodluck wheelchair people.

so I saw Wall-e and Hancock this weekend. I loved wall-e a lot but its too touchy feely to watch again any time soon. Hancock was a decent film that had a strange disconnected story. I have a feeling that if you like TV dramas and crap you will think that it was good. The movie felt a little cheap and corny.
I think my sister is in love with him :

I am still looking forward to seeing batman.. and i have been since the last movie came out and commissioner Gordo showed the joker card.



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