Just testing macro pictures in low light. Not very good :P

I finally told my roommate to stop peeing on the toilet seat and floor. It was getting blatantly gross and the pee was going everywhere since he was peeing in the dark at night.

School Time

I am back at school again. I think this semester will be somewhat easy. Career fair is next week and I have to talk to a lot of companies and actually GET A JOB :O. This is on tuesday.

I am starting a new research project. I will only be there a semester so I hope I can be a valuable asset to the team. I will be the most senior member and such. first meeting this friday!

Just a side rant: The network admins incharge of the dorm networks are limiting the bandwith based on the time of day. Its tough.. I can only download @ 275k max during the day. This isnt even enough to stream Techlive. I have to listen to audio only.. oh noo :P.. or revision3 stuff. Sometimes hulu and youtube take time to buffer. Its horrible, and I cringe everytime it has to buffer. EFFFFff. Oh well, its still fast after midnight.

I have been running windows 7 on both my Acer Aspire One and my Desktop. Its very quick feeling. Definately faster than Vista on the AAO.

I have some new pics of my pc:
From new computer cold cathode

Windows 7

Tomorrow The windows 7 beta is released to the public. the first 2.5 million people can get the beta with an activation code that will be good until august 2009.

Check out the official windows blog http://windowsteamblog.com/blogs/windows7/archive/2009/01/07/information-on-downloading-and-installing-windows-7-beta.aspx

I dont know when it will come out though midnight Seattle time? ahhhh i don't know



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