I got a new acer aspire one battery .. its a six cell i got from ebay
5 hrs of battery life. Its nice not having to worry about being next to a plug all the time.

I also got parts to build a new pc. its a intel Quad core Q9300 in an antec 300 case. Its pretty sweet .. i have it overclocked from the stock 2.5 ghz to 3 for now. I suppose i could up it higher but I odnt want to make my pc unreliable.

Wtf i am watching mama mia right now.. i will sit here on the pc and work on other stuff... wtf this is messed up and the girls are getting all giddy and singing songs about now one girls mom banged three guys in three monnths. I dont like this girly girl crap. crappp. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

O watch this.. Its Cutey Honey anime.



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