I took a trip to Houston with Kim to get my VW back from the dealer and we decided to make a day out of it while we were there in Houston.

We ate at Yia Yia Mary's Greek restaurant off of Westheimer www.yiayiamarys.com . Ordered a Lamb Gyro and it was sex. Kept me and my girlfriend full for the rest of the day. I love the flatbread / tortialla thing that the Gyro comes in. I wonder if College Station has any of this food. Also had a chicken/ beef kabob thing that was great. The Orzo side dish was excellent and had good sauce. The highlight of the day was when the waitress gave us a free baklava for dessert. The baklava was drenched in syrup *om nom nom*.

We got on the road and stopped at a gas station which just so happened to be near a theatre, so we went in and saw Hamlet2. Hamlet 2 was a little too serious twoard the middle of the movie than I was anticipating. The play at the end well made up for the downfalls of the strange and depressing main character. I would recomend seeing it if it is showing near you.

Just watch.. and get freaked out @_@

tossed salad man

Back Home

I am finally back in CC and out of Houston. I forget how simple it is to get around town here in CC and how nice it is here. Right now the olympics are on, enjoying some Kim, and I got my new camera.

Speaking of olympics <---- see pic on left. :P
Bush is happy.

Source http://www.worldcarfans.com/9080804.001/new-vw-golf-vi-photos-leaked

New Golf VI is leaked to the public!!!
The style of the new Golf 6 is reminiscent of the mk3. The droop of the front end isnt as bad as the mk5 <> . I do like the mk5 however.. I might be looking at getting an mk5 in the next 5 years.
It is a little unfortunate that the Golf seems to be getting larger. I suppose I am just accustomed to the size of my mk3 which is pretty small compared to the mk4 and mk5. Seems like the mk6 is'nt going to be tooo different from the mk5. No word on release date yet.

UPDATE: Looks like the mk6 will be released late 2009, making the mk5 the obsolete.. such a short life it had :O making mkV a rare car in the future.



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