cool tattoo

this is hot... I wonder who was the poor artist.

Roy P
#On Centro smartphone


Spring break is almost here and I am ready to relax and see my family and dog again. I hope that I can fix my car's gauge cluster by then. Right now I am driving with no speedometer or tachometer. It comes on sometimes but so far in the cold weather it is stuck off. I suppose I can always rely on my tomtom to tell me how fast I am going.

I started working on my Arduino robot again after listening to one of the creators of the Arduino platform on Leo Laporte's Twit live show. Since I recently aquired more desk space, I might have the robot run around on the table top with a webcam watching it and have it publicly controlled via a php app or twitter. It has probabaly been done before but it seems fun to do and hopefully I will learn more about the arduino.

Since I like videos... here is a fun one

Supposedly there is a new update for norton antivirus that includes a program that sends your history and cached files to someplace online. The file is called pifts.exe. The update was issued without warning so all the nerds are getting mad.... We shall see what happens

roommate pee

My roommate peed on the floor. Wtf how can you miss like this?
Roy P
#On Centro smartphone

Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider is awesome. I have been watching it on the CW kids show in the mornings. Its about guys that drive motorcycles that wear suits and have powers. Its kind of like power rangers but for a slightly older audience. The Japanese Kamen rider is just as good if not more mysterious than the USA Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Here is Kamen Rider Decade Episode 1 Subbed



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