The Houston health museum has a lot of interactive exhibits. In the picture above, Kim is pointing at her small intestine in a "Body Scanner" that projects 3D models of organs on to the user's body.
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Barenaked Ladies - Snacktime - The Ninjas

This is the most helpful XKCD ever. Use it everybody

New GTI!!!

It drives very smooth and feels like a sturdy machine that is connected to the road. Definitely a huge improvement coming from a mk3. The stats are:
2007 Candy White GTI mk5 with DSG (automatic-manual transmission)
28k miles
18" Huff wheels
Votex skirting kit
It was originally a leased vehicle so I got it as a certified used car with a warranty. Here are a few photos to document its newness.

First Day:

Now the photos in the sunset:

Snuggie Dog Blue Moon Studios

My apartment, The Mandolin in Houston, is letting their weight room fall apart to crap. I blame it on the kids that like to hang around the weight room like its their playground... climbing on the machines... forcing the treadmill to move while its off... watching BET on max volume (or NFL network)... throwing water bottles.

Here is a list of the crap that is broken or just messed up.

   1. One of the newer treadmills - motor doesn't spin and it displays "ERROR"
   2. An older treadmill is missing a magnetic safety clip and can't start... if it does start its probably broken.
   3. All three of the treadmills are missing their safety clips.
   4. The weight machine that works out your legs - very loose and doesn't stay straight.
   5. Missing pin for the weight machines - there are only 2 of 3.
   6. The stationary bike will skip  and clunk when you are pedaling.
   7. Eliptical makes loud squeaky noise.

    8. No ladies.
( i am sure this lady is happy using this machine that works.. i would be too)

Cobra Fence

Just got finished with power washing my parents fence. I tried not to kill all the plants :P
I am going to stain the fence if the weather is good for the next couple of days. There is a lot of gunk on a fence that is 25 years old.
I also worked on my Cobra Radar detector. I used to use it in the past but i put it away since the volume knob was broken and the silver paint on it was flaking off. I spray painted the body and re soldered the volume knob and speaker. So far everything seems perfect. I also made a new 12v wire for it, the old one was starting to fall apart too. Yay

Oh yeah. I am stuck in my house since they are tearing up the street again.

  • Currently, I am working on some Controls homework that is due friday. This week is not a dead week.. but hopefully i can get it done soon. I will have to stop watching Leo Laporte.
  • Working on installing OSX on my acer aspire. I have always wanted to play with OSX again.. i haven't done this since 2005.
  • Listening to Terminator music. That stuff is good
  • Eating too much from my snack box I got from my parents.
  • Playing Left 4 Dead occasionally
  • Writing a paper for nanophotonics

I finally got
It has my dad's paper mache masks and other art stuff that he has made.

I am trying out squarespace easy editing to make a website for my dad and his art. Http://
Roy P

bush family

I am pretty sure that I jogged like 6 feet away from president Bush, and Barbara letting their dog pee while a secret service guy watched them. This was infront of George Bush Library... Closest I have possibly been to a president ever.
Roy P

cool tattoo

this is hot... I wonder who was the poor artist.

Roy P
#On Centro smartphone


Spring break is almost here and I am ready to relax and see my family and dog again. I hope that I can fix my car's gauge cluster by then. Right now I am driving with no speedometer or tachometer. It comes on sometimes but so far in the cold weather it is stuck off. I suppose I can always rely on my tomtom to tell me how fast I am going.

I started working on my Arduino robot again after listening to one of the creators of the Arduino platform on Leo Laporte's Twit live show. Since I recently aquired more desk space, I might have the robot run around on the table top with a webcam watching it and have it publicly controlled via a php app or twitter. It has probabaly been done before but it seems fun to do and hopefully I will learn more about the arduino.

Since I like videos... here is a fun one

Supposedly there is a new update for norton antivirus that includes a program that sends your history and cached files to someplace online. The file is called pifts.exe. The update was issued without warning so all the nerds are getting mad.... We shall see what happens

roommate pee

My roommate peed on the floor. Wtf how can you miss like this?
Roy P
#On Centro smartphone

Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider is awesome. I have been watching it on the CW kids show in the mornings. Its about guys that drive motorcycles that wear suits and have powers. Its kind of like power rangers but for a slightly older audience. The Japanese Kamen rider is just as good if not more mysterious than the USA Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Here is Kamen Rider Decade Episode 1 Subbed

So far so awesome awesome. it is what i am using now on my centro.
I used to used initiate laucher but this is more visually appealing. There is a little bit of a lag between changing apps.
great for having the Palm Pre feel and for updating the centro to a nice touch interface. I will see how it works since i have only played with it for a day. When i get calls/texts we will see how it acts.

I want to try thiissss

I am back in the world of palm with my new to me centro. Chineese night tonight. Controls test at 355... I feel like I shlould do good.

-Roy P
On a Palm Centro

I have always been interested in songs that have some sort of hidden message or weird thingsin them that you hear when you play them backwards. In Britney's new song "If you Seek Amy" she is pretty blatant with her message. If you hear her sing those lines in the sounds like -F -u -cee -kay -mee. Here is the video.

I saw it on diggnation while i was doign laundry.. so its been known for a while but i guess i didnt see the article :P
Sleep noowww I have to wake up early for "1st day of work" with my new project.

Just testing macro pictures in low light. Not very good :P

I finally told my roommate to stop peeing on the toilet seat and floor. It was getting blatantly gross and the pee was going everywhere since he was peeing in the dark at night.

School Time

I am back at school again. I think this semester will be somewhat easy. Career fair is next week and I have to talk to a lot of companies and actually GET A JOB :O. This is on tuesday.

I am starting a new research project. I will only be there a semester so I hope I can be a valuable asset to the team. I will be the most senior member and such. first meeting this friday!

Just a side rant: The network admins incharge of the dorm networks are limiting the bandwith based on the time of day. Its tough.. I can only download @ 275k max during the day. This isnt even enough to stream Techlive. I have to listen to audio only.. oh noo :P.. or revision3 stuff. Sometimes hulu and youtube take time to buffer. Its horrible, and I cringe everytime it has to buffer. EFFFFff. Oh well, its still fast after midnight.

I have been running windows 7 on both my Acer Aspire One and my Desktop. Its very quick feeling. Definately faster than Vista on the AAO.

I have some new pics of my pc:
From new computer cold cathode

Windows 7

Tomorrow The windows 7 beta is released to the public. the first 2.5 million people can get the beta with an activation code that will be good until august 2009.

Check out the official windows blog

I dont know when it will come out though midnight Seattle time? ahhhh i don't know



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