Hamlet 2, Sexy Jesus

I took a trip to Houston with Kim to get my VW back from the dealer and we decided to make a day out of it while we were there in Houston.

We ate at Yia Yia Mary's Greek restaurant off of Westheimer www.yiayiamarys.com . Ordered a Lamb Gyro and it was sex. Kept me and my girlfriend full for the rest of the day. I love the flatbread / tortialla thing that the Gyro comes in. I wonder if College Station has any of this food. Also had a chicken/ beef kabob thing that was great. The Orzo side dish was excellent and had good sauce. The highlight of the day was when the waitress gave us a free baklava for dessert. The baklava was drenched in syrup *om nom nom*.

We got on the road and stopped at a gas station which just so happened to be near a theatre, so we went in and saw Hamlet2. Hamlet 2 was a little too serious twoard the middle of the movie than I was anticipating. The play at the end well made up for the downfalls of the strange and depressing main character. I would recomend seeing it if it is showing near you.




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