School Time

I am back at school again. I think this semester will be somewhat easy. Career fair is next week and I have to talk to a lot of companies and actually GET A JOB :O. This is on tuesday.

I am starting a new research project. I will only be there a semester so I hope I can be a valuable asset to the team. I will be the most senior member and such. first meeting this friday!

Just a side rant: The network admins incharge of the dorm networks are limiting the bandwith based on the time of day. Its tough.. I can only download @ 275k max during the day. This isnt even enough to stream Techlive. I have to listen to audio only.. oh noo :P.. or revision3 stuff. Sometimes hulu and youtube take time to buffer. Its horrible, and I cringe everytime it has to buffer. EFFFFff. Oh well, its still fast after midnight.

I have been running windows 7 on both my Acer Aspire One and my Desktop. Its very quick feeling. Definately faster than Vista on the AAO.

I have some new pics of my pc:
From new computer cold cathode




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