My apartment, The Mandolin in Houston, is letting their weight room fall apart to crap. I blame it on the kids that like to hang around the weight room like its their playground... climbing on the machines... forcing the treadmill to move while its off... watching BET on max volume (or NFL network)... throwing water bottles.

Here is a list of the crap that is broken or just messed up.

   1. One of the newer treadmills - motor doesn't spin and it displays "ERROR"
   2. An older treadmill is missing a magnetic safety clip and can't start... if it does start its probably broken.
   3. All three of the treadmills are missing their safety clips.
   4. The weight machine that works out your legs - very loose and doesn't stay straight.
   5. Missing pin for the weight machines - there are only 2 of 3.
   6. The stationary bike will skip  and clunk when you are pedaling.
   7. Eliptical makes loud squeaky noise.

    8. No ladies.
( i am sure this lady is happy using this machine that works.. i would be too)




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