Wall-e and Hancock.

so I saw Wall-e and Hancock this weekend. I loved wall-e a lot but its too touchy feely to watch again any time soon. Hancock was a decent film that had a strange disconnected story. I have a feeling that if you like TV dramas and crap you will think that it was good. The movie felt a little cheap and corny.
I think my sister is in love with him :

I am still looking forward to seeing batman.. and i have been since the last movie came out and commissioner Gordo showed the joker card.


  1. Kimberly said...

    lol Hancock!  

  2. loratheexplorer7 said...

    ok, just so everyone knows, this is roy's sister and i am NOT in love with hancock  

  3. Kyle said...

    -Comment has been removed for inappropriate content.-  



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