Waxing Weekend

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So This weekend I decided that I needed to wax and claybar my car (Volkswagen Golf mk3). l knew that my car was feeling a little gritty even after washing, so I decided to claybar it and take off all the dirt. The claybar is a sticky blob of putty that you can rub on your car with some spray polish lubricant. It made my car smooth and glassy but not gassy. It also takes off a lot of wax.

Claybarring the car probably takes all of an hour to an hour and a half. Waxing (in this case two coats) takes about 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs. I would recommend using an iPod Shuffle or other mp3 player for listening to some music or else you might go crazy.
I bought Mother's California Gold Claybar Kit.
It comes with the claybar, some sample wax and the spray on polish used as claybar lubricant. I used Dupont Teflon car wax. This stuff makes my very smooth. I decided to do two coats of wax to get a really deep shine. I am not sure that two coats made a big difference, but after claybarring and waxing my paint is alive again :D

The Teflon wax seemed to be a little less abrasive than the cleaner wax that came with the bottle. Next time I will use a non abrasive glaze wax like Meguiar's Pure polish.




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