I am running into some issues with my wireless camera. When it is mounted on the robot, the Xbee module responds slowly and I am assuming is loosing packets and not getting a strong signal. I will run a test by outputting the alphabet to the robot and see if the robot can display all the characters. If the robot fails to receive the entire alphabet, then i know that there are dropped packets caused by the camera. The camera is a cheap ebay wireless security camera with night vision. I used to use it in my car from the 12v plug.. which brings up the issue of lack of power to run the camera on the robot.
My Power setup:
Currently I am using 6xAA Nimh batteries that have 2300mah of operating time. They will give me 8.75 volts. I am using a battery charging circuit I pulled off another robot. I need to get a smaller security cam that can run off of a 9v battery and has night vision and is wireless :P




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