Robot and food

Today I bougt the first parts to my robot. I will post the specs later but i plan on having a remote controlled/ autonomously controlled robot that can roam around the house when i am gone and I can watch though its eyes via the wireless camera. I am thinking or putting on a little lcd screen so i can display text and the camera should have a microphone so there can be two way interaction. Maybe solar panels for self charging.. or some sort of self docking system ala roomba.

I made couscous with ground meat and tomatoe sauce and some peppers and onion and it was decent. Too much bellpepper I think. Couscous is sex though.
Started to watch some of "crank" but didnt like it so much. Saw The Onion movie thoug.. lolcity.

Thats all. should be going to bed for work tomorrow.




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