My current goal is to have the robot be able to drive around via remote control over the internet via the Xbee module. There will be a wireless camera (already own) on the robot that can stream the current position of the robot to me via some sort of webcam interface (stickam maybe?). The in the near future, I will program object avoidance using the Parallax "Ping)))" module and the Ir sensor. Once the robot can avoid objects, I will let drive around autonomously and chase after IR.. like my dog.

Self charging is also a concern of mine. I am planning on building a self charging station that the robot can drive into. The robot will have protruding connectors to the battery circuitry and the garage will have something to make contact with these connectors. This should allow me to self charge relatively easily. I will probably drive the robot to the charging station at first, however I will need to create some sort of automated system to dock with the garage.

Parts List and Costs for my robot

I didnt buy the Ping ))) yet since I don't need it in development currently. Overall the robot is a little pricey but it will be a good learning experience and it will keep me busy during the weekends.




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